To Obtain Stock Info From Yahoo Finance

Stock Prices

Select the date beneath to view the historical closing price for that specific day. If stock A sometimes grows twice as fast as stock B, then the log(A) price series will grow, on common, at twice the linear rate as the log(B) worth series. Computerized changes for splits, cash dividends (extraordinary and extraordinary), spinoffs, bonus shares, scrips and stock distributions (same or different class shares). Such an astounding achieve is enough to make many investors think twice about holding or buying Apple’s stock.

From the vertical axis in your graph, what is proven are the precise prices of the stock/safety in dollars (in my case, I had initially divided the NASDAQ Composite prices by one hundred before plotting the graph because I like working with numbers of few digits).

Previously, we revealed that changes within the development rate of stock prices intently observe changes in the anticipated progress rate of their underlying dividends per share at distinct points of time in the future, or as we continuously describe it, the purpose sooner or later where investors are focusing their consideration in setting stock costs at this time.

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Then again, when the economic system is on the backside of its cycle and the rate of interest is lowered to stimulate economic activity, you will see that stock market will react positively to it. This optimistic reaction is attributed to the expectation that the economic system is on the street to recovery.