With the continuous development of modern technology today seems to be widely used by some netter to seek side business opportunities through the internet network. But to start a business like this of course takes careful and hard work, especially if you are still a newbi who wants to try to learn to start and deepen online business. If you really are still learning and still very layman about business via the internet I suggest to follow a free online business only, and do not rush to try business by using the investment plan or spend capital to become a member on the online business site you want Follow.

 Given the many frauds on the internet such as a bunch of investments that usually offer enormous and lucrative commissions, which promise a doubling of profits for invested money when the promises are mere nonsense and no accountability. For beginners of course with the lure of a large profit will certainly make a fool and without thinking we will immediately invest some money on the online business site.

For those of you still just starting, the steps below can be a reference to prepare an online business:

Customer service capability and friendly

Without direct interaction and communication with buyers, this consumer service is at the forefront of your sales. If you use a lot of social media for interaction or buy-sell service, make sure you or your team understand all about the product. In addition, friendliness, flexibility, and also the style of language also needs to be considered. Do not let prospective buyers run away just because you serve too fierce.


What business is harvesting profits this year? Healthy food business, travel photography, or shuttle service? If you start in one of the fields, make sure consistency is in your product.

Do not let customers be confused with your product that is sometimes fickle and hard to remember. If you want to expand the product or business network, you may need another name or sister company to keep customers loyal and aware of your consistency.


The product has been tested, the team is compact, and strategy is mature. One of the things that should not be forgotten is the design to spoil the eyes of your customers.

Online selling capital is the ability to arrange displays that will fight with other images in cyberspace. Tighten the target and make the design as focused as possible to your target market. Also make sure to update your design view every few months to avoid monotony.

Customer loyalty

Customers have reached the target does not mean there is nothing else a business owner can do. Make sure you keep consumers from moving to another heart or stop making a purchase.

Give appreciation to your regular customers with a certain discount  to make them feel special. It does not need to be big, but even the smallest attention will be remembered by them.

Keep up with the bazaar

Monthly sales target has been reached, do you still need to open a booth at bazaar events? The rise of bazaar events is not just about sales, but also the existence plus the branding of your product.

By appearing occasionally in the bazaar makes potential buyers feel more confident with your existence as an online store. Can also promote by giving a special price or release the latest collection in an event like this. In addition to capturing new customers, old customers can also be made curious!

Open offline store

Years of success with online systems, you may be tempted to have a store physically. Before proceeding further, predict your readiness. Success in the digital world sometimes not directly proportional to offline business.

Business maturity also needs to be considered. When starting an online business with millions of digital rivals, you now have to think twice about rivals and technical conventional sales.