Applying for a job is not just the contents of a job application letter and then wait patiently until the call. Some people underestimate the process when searching and receiving calls. Take off, send a job application letter can be something difficult, and lucky if there is a reply and a work call from the proposed company. Therefore you should be able to be professional when there is a job interview to make a good impression as well. Things should be avoided by jobs employment:

1. Selecting photos that are not good for profile and CV

Choose a profile photo that shows your face clearly, photos that not only show themselves and show others, otherwise choose a formal photo like wearing a shirt, avoid examples of photos being wide and being picnic.

2. Delay message messages and email interview calls

Avoid repeated email or messages for several days after receiving messages from the company’s HRD. This shows you can not work immediately when asked about the job right away.

3. Using a wrong resume and spelling, or bad formatting

If you are not a reliable writer, of course there is no mistake in this application letter. But if it is difficult, ask someone to edit the resume you have made before sending it to the company you are applying for. Did not come during the interview

4. Not coming during a job interview without

Everyone has never forgotten, but do not let you with a mistake when there is a job interview call for reasons of forgetting the time. To avoid forgetting, use the calendar and reminder apps on HP for your time purpose.

5. diploma job interview without doing research first

To avoid mistakes and reduce things that are not familiar with the questions during the interview, there is a gun to practice before making an interview call.

6. Declare the salary requirements in front of the interviewer during the recruitment process

If you believe you are unsure of the company’s question about your desired salary target, it is better to answer first the added value and change it in the near future.

7. Asking basic questions like “What will the company do for you?”

In a job interview, it’s a good idea to do a survey on the company you’re applying for before the interview and you’ll know more about the company and feel more confident as well.

8. Receive a job offer, then disappear

If you do this, it is clear that you are a very unprofessional person. How is it possible that after accepting and approving the job offer and arriving in time, you are absent or disappeared. If you can not be present at the specified time, tell them early that you can not come for a reasonable reason at the time. For example a wife is giving birth or other rational reasons, so it will eliminate the impression of your lack of professionalism.