Branding is a way to introduce to someone about the identity of a particular object. If we are currently talking about products, then branding is a way to introduce products to consumers. Packaging or packaging is closely related to the branding itself. If you currently have a product but do not yet have a design for your product packaging, it is time to start creating a packaging design for your product.

Packaging a product is one element that affects the number of sales or interest consumers of the product. If this is true, have you now created packaging for your product? For the already, maybe some are still many who are not sure and wonder if their product packaging design is attractive

Most entrepreneurs out there think that the quality of a product and the way of marketing is much more important to increase sales, rather than focus on product packaging. Though some elements that affect the sale of products such as product quality, service, marketing, and packaging also support each other. So, not necessarily also if the product with good quality will be a lot of devotees, except when the consumer really needs it. Packaging a product is what you may need to think about as part of your marketing strategy. Below are some things related to a product packaging, such as functions, benefits, and marketing strategies.


The main purpose or function of the product packaging is, to protect the product from scratches or defects in products that make the product damaged. In addition, packaging products not only functioned during the process of distributing goods from the factory to several distributors, but packaging products can also protect the product when in retail stores.


Generally many companies do a research beforehand about the color scheme, design, and type on a product packaging that will be marketed. This is done so that the level of product marketing is much wider. If you want products that you sell a lot of devotees, then you can prepare the right packaging design for your product. Because as has been said before, one that makes the product can be sold is packaging products that can be an attraction for customers.


A product packaging also plays an important role in providing product information such as, benefits, usability, tagline, and how to manufacture. Everything can be put on the packaging design so that consumers know about the benefits of the product, most importantly do not deliver everything until the design becomes full and even make consumers become saturated see it.

Supports Shopping decisions

You as the owner of the free product include any information that will affect consumers to make a decision to buy your product. But do not be too exaggerated in delivering all the information you have.


Packaging can also be used as an identity for a product, for example there are some products A and B are neatly arranged in a store, the product is the same function, the taste can be said almost the same, but because the packaging is different may be consumers will be more likely to choose products that have Attractive packaging according to him.