Floor Renovation: Choosing Floors for Your Home

Floor Renovation is an essential element in decorating your home. Adding style and beauty to your home and tying it all together for an integrated look. At the same time, flooring is a very practical feature that should perform well and last for a long time.

Floor Renovation

There is much to think about when remodeling your home includes a new floor. This is due to, Over the past decade, the market has seen a new introduction, an exciting product. Also traditional products are now present in almost unlimited colors, designs and textures at many price levels.

Many choices of Floor types, with so many options, you want to take a good look at your options at the early planning stage. Look through home and interior decorating magazines, including advertising. Check out major floor producer sites and industry associations for information on choosing and maintaining flooring. Visit another home show. Spend time in building supply centers and retailers’ showrooms. Tour model look in the construction of new housing.

Once you are ready to proceed, a professional home remodeling expert can help you to choose the most appropriate product for your project and inform you of the implications for the installation. When making your final decision, there are a few things to consider.

Floor Materials

Applications can use most materials. from wood, carpets, even to ceramics. Furthermore, spend time familiarizing yourself with the benefits and design possibilities for each type of flooring. Including the latest popular options like laminate, cork and stone.

Style / Floor model

Traditional or modern? Formal or natural? Light or dark? Patterns or plain? Consider the overall compatibility with the style and decor of your home as well as the look you want to achieve. A good starting point is to determine the key features in an area (eg kitchen cabinet) and then select a complement floor to create a harmonious look. Some manufacturers’ websites allow you to experiment with floor and color in “virtual” settings.

Floor Resistance

How much wear will the new floor be affected? If used in high traffic or activity areas, focus on a durable floor-resistant to water, clothing, stains, scratches, blisters, even burns. Because with the right choice and maintenance, many products can last a lifetime of your home.

Floor Maintenance

Today’s materials emphasize low maintenance and easy cleaning, however, some require more maintenance and maintenance than others. Make sure you understand the maintenance requirements of each product, from regular cleaning to handling accidents.

Floor Installation

Your renovation party may advise you on the requirements for installing different types of flooring. What kind of surface preparation is needed eg removal of old tiles or new sub-floor installations? Do you need a new or slim edge? How much will this add to the cost? How long does it take to install the floor?

Environmental sensitivity

Is there anyone in your house sensitive to dust, pet dander, and other substances that can collect on a carpet or cracked floor? Or for adhesive, grouts and finished floors that can be use during installation? Fortunately, problems can easily be reduced or avoided. Talk to the experts update it. The exact solution may include pre-finished hard-floor and low-floor glue emissions and grouts.


How much are you willing and able to spend for your Floor Renovation? Is this your “lifetime renovation”, or do you plan to move or redo your renovation in the future? Do you want to spend extra money on the carpet? Can you “mix and match” to stretch your budget to include the plush touch of your floor always there?

Trends on the Floor Renovation

Laminate Floor Renovation combines wooden look with art and durability. Floor “Floating” or “click” can be install directly above existing floor coverings.

Solid wood, a favorite and lasting, comes in a number of colors and shapes. Finally, create your own patterns, with colored insets and border strips. In addition, use the width of the “distressed” board to create the look of yesterday.

Cork is made of comfortable bark on the feet, absorbs sound and sees the increasing use of high traffic and field activities.

Stones (eg chalk, slate, marble) are used to create dramatic or rich visual impressions, with a natural background.