Decision making in business ethics

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Before outlining business ethics, a decisions review is made first, decision-making is the primary function of a leader or manager within the organization. The leader’s success in making and defining a decision depends on the data and information provided to it. To make a decision must include identifying the problem, finding alternatives to problem solving, evaluating the alternatives and choosing the best decision alternative. A leader or manager in decision-making needs to understand and control the theory and practice and objective data.

The nature of decision making

the complexity of decision-making is in need of all disciplines from various fields, therefore a leader or manager must be careful and carefully and analyze what the impact of the decision making made in the back of the day does not happen damages that result in harm to many parties or setback a company.

The importance of decision-making

decision making has significance for the advancement of an organization, especially since the future of an organization is determined by the present decision making. Because the decision taken by the leadership is the final thought that must be done by subordinates or those concerned with the organization that he leads.

Decision making process

the top managers need to understand and have the skills, in carrying out the decision-making process or policy making that allows the principle of unity of the command is realized. In an organization of decision-making and / or policies established by the chairman or head of the unit or work unit of his subordinates, should be perceived as a joint decision and directed to the interests of the organization, not for the benefit of certain groups or individuals only.

Business ethics decision making

the above description illustrates the importance of ethics in business or business the impact of not paying attention to ethics in the business of the occurrence of damage resulting in a monetary and economic crisis and further a crisis of confidence in the business world.

For that in the application of ethics in the business world is very important how the world business makes a responsible decision both internal and external. This is because not all decisions in the view of the economic dimension alone but must also be viewed from the socio-cultural, political and security dimension of a state. For that a business decision must be very closely related to the values ​​or norms that deserve and in the life of a community or nation. Business ethics are; a moral and virtuous act in a business process that promotes a viable business output to meet and meet the needs of a quality and useful consumer.