Many business candidates who fail to open a business just because thinking to start a business that requires large capital. Yet not all businesses have to start with big capital. There are many businesses with small capital can be successful as long as done seriously. Here are some examples of businesses without large capital that can be done by anyone who wants to earn extra income, either online or offline.

1. Being a Seller of Other People’s Products (reseller or dropship)

The advantage of being a reseller, we do not bother in making a product that we will sell. We just need to focus on the process of marketing and sales of other people’s products, of course we have to make sure that the product we will sell it is good. One example resellers in offline business such as selling cakes made by others. For online business of course the opportunity to become a reseller or dropship very much we find.

But to be able to run a reseller and dropship business, we must have a website or blog that we will use as “storefront” or where the display of goods we sell earlier. Website or blog can be made with free services such as Blogger or WordPress.
But to make it look more professional, it helps us to create a website or blog with its own domain name, this is not free but the capital needed to buy a domain is very small compared with renting a place to sell. It was back on our own choice.

2. Becoming A Freelance Writer

The profession of being a freelance writer is one example of a business without large capital that can be done from home online. Become a freelance writer on one website that has a topic about business. In running this profession, it only requires an internet connection and a laptop. Every month the owner of the website always sends a payment for the writing made, the value is not large but quite as extra money.

3. Selling Services

Business service providers can actually be done with no large capital, but in most cases, businesses providing services usually require a lot of material capital. One example of a small capital business by providing services to an online business is to provide an article writer service, providing SEO services (search engine optimization)

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a business with no capital at all, I would rather agree to be called a business with little capital. When we explore business opportunities around us, in fact we can find some business without big capital that we can run. By learning constantly and always trying to explore the potential of business around us, surely we will be able to build a successful business.

5. Become A Broker / Agent

If you are a person who has good marketing skills, then you can try to become a broker or agent. An example is to be a real estate agent. The advantages of selling property can be from two parties, ie from property owners and also from property buyers.

The property owner will usually tip the person who helped him sell his property, while the happy buyer will usually give tips to the person who provided the information and help him find the property he was looking for.