A residential property business is an activity in which a person invests in one or more houses, which in practice does not use production costs. Because it does not use its own production costs, it is certainly very safe for business people to control it, and the results can be taken at any time in the future in the form of profit.

When you decide to get involved in the business of buying and selling property of the house, of course you also have to understand the things that are needed and the things you must do in this business, so that your business will be successful. All that is very important for you to know in running your business. The following will discuss about what you have to prepare and do in order to get maximum results.

Property prices are the value of a property business that can experience an increase and decrease. Not a few factors that affect the price of property, the most influential of which is the location. Locations like the primary key of a property can grow with higher values ​​or vice versa. Therefore, of course, location becomes the main consideration before deciding to buy a property.

Nowadays home property business is developing. Moreover, some surveys state that there are still many Indonesian people who do not have a place to live / home. This is the situation you should take advantage of as a business opportunity, and the most realistic opportunity you can take advantage of is buying and selling a house. In addition, you can also function yourself as a land broker and home, which does not need to spend a lot of capital. What you should consider if a realtor is looking for a target consumer, which requires intentions and unlimited time.

Investment in the property sector is the best choice for investors to keep their investment profitable, but not many investors often feel that the property price they buy does not match expectations in return on investment. Some developers often make home home without thinking about what investments can be achieved after. Important items in investing in property:


Since August 2016, Bank Indonesia lowered its interest rates by using Seven Days Repo BI, to 5.25%, lower than the BI Rate. In addition, the success of the tax amnesty program is an attempt to get people who keep their wealth abroad to bring back their assets to Indonesia without having to pay big fines. This condition is called Momentum, which is closely related to our ability to read the situation.


Management related to property product to be targeted, developer reputation, and property product management. As an investor or a consumer, we must choose a trusted developer and have a good track record, so as not to be fooled into investing by inexperienced developers.


The location should be considered carefully, in terms of potential growth of the surrounding area, the rate of population growth, and future facility development plans. In this case often government policies by building public facilities into potential Expanding value for investment.

By investing property these 3 important tips need to be kept in mind before investing. The right momentum to buy, the management company that stands behind the property, and the location with good growth.
The constraints of this type of business lies in the marketing and processing of documents required. But you need not worry, because it will be easy if you do it seriously. Establish relationships with various parties, one of whom is competent in the field of document management. And certainly for marketing, in today’s digital world you have many choices, for example as mentioned above.

Those are some things you should know about the residential property business buying and selling houses. Hopefully it can be your provision in the business of buying and selling this house. But basically what you need most is intention and hard work.