The era of social media and the growth of mobile phones in the Indonesian society brings a fresh breeze for the growth of a fascinating side business, even without capital at all. The name of the business entitlement to buy more popular is called personal shopper. This is a new business that is growing with the splendor of social media.

Not just online stalls that have been transformed into an interesting industry in Indonesia in recent years. The existence of social media and gadget property can also be used to scavenge the profits as a personal shopper or personal shopper. How it works: You simply come to a particular mall or shopping center, photograph the items you want to show, then send them to a social media account.

That is the items that can be ordered by your follower for you to buy. They send money to you, then you buy the item and send it to the shipping address. Business services purchased entitled by a personal shopper fortunately. Moreover, pioneering the business as a personal shopper likes not to require significant capital. This business is a new business opportunity for the community to increase income.

Interested in it? Here are the important tips if you can start a business services buy or buy shopper personal:

1. Target market

Determine in advance your target market for the business of this purchase service. Is it special for the segment of children’s goods, furniture, branded goods or any merchandise? Determining your target market will affect how you will later market your services and engage your customers.

2. Marketing channels

Business services entrusted buy true enough pioneered through social media. First determine what social media is your main storefront. The service traders use Instagram as the main marketing channel by optimizing the use of hashtags or tags. Make sure you have a special Instagram account to sell. You can also add Facebook Fan Page and Twitter to support your service marketing.

3. Understand how the business entrusted to buy

Business services entrusted buy as a personal shop bother easy. You should formulate it to give buyers money to advance advance purchases. Be transparent about the rate of merchandise that you wear for each item.

4. Proactive looking for potential event

Although at the core of the services you enter is to buy goods desired by consumers. You do not have to be open to order orders. You must be diligent to go to the goods sale event in accordance with the market segment that you shoot so that consumers can have the opportunity of goods at a cheaper price. For example, if your segment is a mother and a child, be diligent in coming to a large sales segment of children that often takes place in the shopping center.

5. Give more services

In order for consumers to be loyal customers, you must goods that you offer are qualified and worth to buy. This will be an option for you.