Danger Too Often Use High Heels

Women who use high heels will look more attractive because it will be more sexy, luxurious and elegant shown by this high-heeled shoes. In addition, high heels shoes can also help to cover up the physical deficiencies. By using high heels the short legs will be disguised and legs will look more level. So the level of confidence women are accustomed to will increase.

Behind the beauty and appeal of high heels shoes, actually a lot of big risks that will be generated from the use. Shoes high heels can have negative effects on the health of the body, especially on the legs and bones. Using high heels shoes should be three days a week will be at greater risk of problems or problems with the foot. Use long-term high heels shoes will also get on the legs, muscles, and a more serious backbone.

Before you decide to become a true user of high heels shoes, you need more than certainly high and high heel shoes that will be worn, then actually the higher your body too. The risk is not just up there. There are still many problems that you will face because of using high heels, the following:

Varicose Veins On The Legs

Varicose veins can occur because when using high heels the feet are in tiptoe position. The longer you use high heels shoes, the longer your feet have to tiptoe. Osteoarthritis characterized by pain and stiffness in the joints of the knee and hip bone. For more severe cases, the pain may spread to the thigh and spine. The cause is the use of high heels shoes that are too high and too often. Those who are at high risk of osteoarthritis are women who often use shoes with a height of more than 5 centimeters.

Calluses To Tumors

The high heels shoe end model is designed to conical. It will look slimmer and harmonize with the heels of high heels. But, the fact is the model of the tip of the shoe with a tapered pincer and high heel shoe for the movement of the toes becomes narrow. Lake, the nerves on the toes are pinched. Such conditions will make the toes numb, smelly, and the skin of the foot thickened.

The Growth Of To Bones Is Not Perfect

Still related because the toes are pushed and bent when using high heels shoes, the problem that arises next is the growth of bone in the toes segment. On the thumb. In a state of pinched, the bone still grows because the bone at the base of the thumb enlarged because of abnormal bone growth, the composition of the toe becomes disturbed

Well, now we already know the impact of what can be caused by often using high heels shoes. There’s nothing wrong if you think again if you will use the model’s shoes. For some special occasions, you still use high heels shoes to support the appearance. However, the frequency of use should still be limited.…

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tips on choosing wristwatch according to hand shape

The desire to look trendy by using a watch is a natural thing. Because, in addition to the need to know the schedule or time, the clock also serves as a complement to the appearance. That is why various designs of watches are always experiencing renewal from time to time. In fact, not a few watches are sold with expensive because of the luxury design.

Before using your watch, be the first. Then, adjust the shape and color of the watch that matches the shape and color of your skin. A few things to note:

Small Hand Diameter

The contents of the owners of small-diameter hands are thin people and very thin. For those of you who have this type, avoid the use of wide-brimmed and wide-braided jams. Because it will seem to burden your own hands, you do not feel that way. Instead, choose a form of wrist watches thin and small also a small bobble as well.

The Diameter Of Large And Fatty Hands

Owners of large and fat diameter hands are those who are fat and very fat. For those of you who have this type, avoid the use of small rope jam and small bobble. Such watches will look ‘drowned’ in your hands. Instead, choose a medium-stringed watch to the width, the material is not too thin, and the pendulum clock is being large.

Muscular Shape

For those of you who have a muscular type of hand, choose between hand with the size of the string and a rather large pendulum. You can also choose models of watches that are more sporty and masculine. Avoid using stainless steel or chrome jam, bracelet, and cloth. Because definitely will look not comparable and less in accordance with your muscular gesture is.

Forms Are Proportional

Proportional hands are those that have a proportional body weight as well. Have a kind like this, be thankful for all the jams.

Wide And Flat Hand Shape

Has a hand like this, no column means if you want to choose a small and large bunting watches. However, it would be more beautiful if you use a wristwatch with strap material such as stainless steel or chrome compare leather straps or canvas.

Some of the above tips may need to be done before buying and choosing watches. By adjusting the model and the shape of the watch you will wear with the shape of the hand and the color of the skin will certainly look more trendy, cool, and stylish.


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Tips For Choosing Glasses According To Face Shape

Glasses are now beginning to grow. With a variety of models, shapes, and colors. Starting from minus glasses to sunglasses. All experienced the development of fashion today. With the increasing variety of shapes and colors of glasses, you directly indirectly also to choose in the form, shape, and color that best suits your face shape, because not all forms of glasses will be suitable and appropriate for you to wear. Tips on selecting glasses in accordance with the face shape

Spherical Face Shape

Characteristic of this round face with the same length and width of the face, accompanied by a prominent form of the cheekbone. For the owner of this face with a cold sunglasses with a square or square frame, with a slightly wider lens, for a longer face. The owner of a round face protrudes a round frame or oval.

The Shape Of A Heart Face

The characteristic features of the heart face are wide forehead and the tapered chin. To add the look of the owner of the face shape, choose sunglasses with a slim frame, otherwise perfect glasses frameless glasses will also be the right choice. Choose a frame and lens that extends down, because it can disguise the form of cheekbones.

Triangular Face Shape

The shape of a triangular face with a narrow forehead, but widened in the jaw, and cheekbone. To view the owner of this face, choose glasses with a tapered frame up, or commonly referred to as paint-eye. Make sure the shape of your glasses can balance the upper side and the lower side of your face.

Long Face Shape

Tips on choosing glasses based on face shape this characteristic face shape is a straight and elongated cheek line, and longer than the width of the face. For the owner of this face shape. With a cross-sectional frame laterally, to strengthen the character of the face, and gives the impression of a shorter face.

Oval Face Shape

This face shape is an ideal facial shape that every woman’s dream. Blessed are you who have an oval face shape because this face shape matches any shape and model. Choose a frame that is not too big, and not too small to remain proportional to your face.


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Suitable Hair Pieces For Fat Woman

For women who are big (fat), select haircuts can be a dizzying thing. One little bit in choosing a haircut to look more fat. A clear round face requires a haircut style that not only can cover the shortcomings and can also be seen more slender and fascinating. For those of you who are chubby and chubby, here are some tips you should look into choosing the right haircut for you:

Short Hair

If you want to choose a short hairstyle, there is one thing to note. Do not cut hair on the shoulders and do not choose a short bob. At the very least, you are only slightly loosened under the shoulders. The goal is that your face looks longer.

Long Hair

If you want to choose a long hairstyle, trust me to expand faster. In addition, the curly model will also make the display full and wide. This will certainly eliminate the charm that you want to perform. If you want, make small curls or small waves, but just a little.

Do not also eat the trend by rebounding or smoothing your hair. Straight hair does look great and easy to set up, but for those of you who are round-faced, you should avoid this super long straight hairstyle because it can reinforce the round face shape.


If you want to wear bangs as an extra frame for your face. Choose a side bangs model (which is still beautiful your forehead) so that your face does not look full model side bangs can be your view look longer. Never again use thick bangs that cover the forehead and bangs in the middle. Both models will make your face full and wide.


Playing colors with your hair will not affect your body size. So do not ever worry if you want to give a little color on your hair. To note is to choose what color of hair color that matches your face shape and skin color. And do not wear hair dyes more than two colors. Ask for advice from your hair stylist if necessary.

Actually, whatever your body shape, thin or fat, as long as you are confident and always think about yourself interesting, the people around you will also be able to feel and feel comfortable with your appearance.


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Tips On Choosing Women’s Fashion

Every woman would want to look beautiful and attractive. One aspect that is often noticed in the look is. A good body shape, sleek, slim and ideal, usually will further support the appearance, making women feel more confident.

However, not all women have a slim body shape, right? What about women who are not slim and have a body with a size rather large? Can not they look attractive and confident? Taste not. Because many tips and tricks that can be done so that they can look more sleek and attractive.

If you belong to a large group of women, do not worry. You just have to choose a style of clothing that can be tried and makeup that fit in order to look slimmer. Thus, all the advantages of your body can be more highlighted, and the existing shortcomings can be disguised. Here are some tips you can try:


Makeup is one element that is important enough to support the appearance. You are a big body usually also has a slightly fat face shape. For that, use eyeshadow, eyeliner, and higher mascara and enlarge the eye area. The more highlighted part of the eye will make your face look thinner. Avoid using blush on the cheekbones. Also, avoid using blush on with a sweep from the back of the cheekbone to the eyebrow.


The shape of the foot is rather short and large can. Especially if you have to translate the clothes you see. To disguise the deficiencies in your feet, you can use makeup on the feet. It may sound a bit strange. However, you should know this trick is powerful enough to help you look slimmer. Round your legs exactly in the center of the foot with oil, so it will look shinier. This luminous effect will make you look longer, so you can look slimmer.


Hair that is tangled, messy, and unruly usually will make you look wide. However, you can choose a hair model that can be made smaller and longer faces. You can also use a combed hairstyle to the back. Make sure you choose a haircut that fits your face shape, which is a hairstyle model that will give a longer and slimmer impression on your face.

Color Of Clothes

Avoid clothes with colors that are too bright. Clothing that is too bright and bright will be more exciting areas that you want to disguise. Black and blue shirt color is the most appropriate choice for the body look more slender. Dark colors on the underwear (skirt or pants) will add a high impression on your body.

Clothing Size

You also need to consider the size of the clothes you use. Many people choose clothes that are too tight or too loose to look slim. This is certainly not appropriate because the clothes are too tight will add to the shortage-on your body, while the clothes are too long will only more and more. For that, big people use clothes that fit right or in other words according to body size.

High Heels

high-heeled shoes and sandals are a must-have option for any woman who wants to look slimmer. Besides being slimmer, this option will certainly make your body look taller. If you feel a little less and uncomfortable with high-heeled shoes, you can try shoes and sandals with slightly lower heels.


play in accessories if you want full of advantages on your body. Some kinds of accessories that can be worn such as jewelry, scarves, belts, hats, and others. Use accessories on parts of the body that you want to highlight and vice versa do not use accessories on areas/parts of the body you want to disguise.


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Tips On Caring For Women’s Handbags

As women, surely we have a wide range of bags with different materials and shapes. Bags, on wheels, is only prioritized the function as, a place only goods, but over the ages, the development of auxiliary bag developing. Until now, the bag also put the aesthetic element and become part of the fashion trend, here are some tips to take care of your beautiful bag;

Clean After Use

Clean the bag from dust and dirt by using a wet cloth to clean a bag made of synthetic leather. If there is a stain that is difficult to lose, immediately clean with a cloth that was given handbody, then rub gently on the dirty part. It should be noted for bags made of leather, should be more careful in taking care of him. Because the leather bag can not be exposed to certain substances that can damage the skin.

Save With Preservatives

Every time you buy a bag, must also include a blue silica gel. Never remove the silica gel, because silica gel serves as a preservative that absorbs damp air around our bag, so the bag will not be moldy. Do not forget to note silica gel periodically, happy to change color, immediately replace the silica gel with a new one. S

Store With Storage Bag

When you want to store a bag, clasps with bags made of cotton or spunbound cloth, the use of the bag does not rub against other bags during storage. Friction that too often, will cause the skin of the bag blisters, even torn, because it takes a spunbound bag.

Manual Use

When we use the bag, the bag is not filled too full. Bag filled too full, besides made the bag becomes too heavy, can also damage the original form of the bag. Therefore, adjust the bags that are worn with items that need to be carried.


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Mix and Match Clothes Pink

Pink is the color that represents women. This color is always full of women because there are men o like the color pink then he will with his feminine side. Pink color much in love women, ranging from clothing to accessories, the color pink be an option to wear. Pink colors do not include neutral colors, so to combine them in dress requires special tricks. Well, here are the appropriate color options to match the matching mode with pink.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors such as black, white, gray and light brown are perfect for mixing with pink. The combination of pink color with neutral colors gives a different impression.


Pink and purple are analog colors that are in the color wheel adjacent. The combination of purple and pink is a challenging blend, so it takes high confidence to complement.


Like purple, orange is also an analog color of pink. The impression caused by the combination of two colors is complementary to each other and your appearance looks stunning and beautiful. This glaring blend of two colors will create an interest for those who see it.


Pink and green are the opposite colors on the color wheel. It shows the difference in character between the two colors. However, the combination of these two colors is a suitable mix / matching. The impression caused by the combination of these two colors is calm, fresh and beautiful.


The combination of blue and pink outfits is a harmonious blend. The combination of the two combinations of masculine characters represented in blue with feminine which is of course represented by pink. The combination of pink and blue complement each other and not mutually evolved, awake the blend of pink and blue with a color that looks calm.


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