The Importance of Effective Communication in the Business World

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Today everything is related to communication, both in everyday life, in the world of formal education as well as within the scope of business. Communication is the most important element that God gives to human beings, because with communication we become creatures of life not objects anymore, communication can turn the social life that becomes our hope to remain role as human being.

In addition to communication there are also important factors that we must do, that is business, well business, because with our business can produce symbiotic live together to meet the needs and desires of our lives as human beings. Communication is a process of delivering and receiving messages or information between two or more people in the hope of a positive influence or a certain expected effect. Communication is perception and aspiration. Business and communication as a social process, we will come to the conclusion that communication is business and vice versa, business is communication.

Progress in the field of information transformation is also very rapid, so information about certain circumstances can be delivered regardless of geographical distance. Progress in the field of communication (mass media) has influenced the patterns of business between people. From the brief description above we can imagine how important communication in life. But here I will describe the importance of the meaning of a communication to the business world of this modern era.

Understanding Business Communication

Broadly speaking, Business Communication can be defined as the exchange of ideas and information that have a specific purpose that is presented personally or impersonally through symbols or signals.

The Benefits of Effective Communication in the Business World

In general, there are three purposes of business communication namely; Give information (Informing) persuading and do collaborating with the audience. The following are some of the important benefits of effective communication in the business world.

1. Giving Information

The first goal in business communication is to provide information relating to the business world to other parties, for example a company leader wants to get the expected employee, then He advertises through mass media, put sites on the internet, in this case every media has advantages And the deficiencies are seen from its reach and its cost, for it must choose which media to choose. And it depends on the company’s policy by looking at the company’s internal capabilities. Another example for example a Department Store put a large discount writing on the product.

2. Giving persuasion

The second purpose of business communication is to give persuasion to others so that what is conveyed can be understood well and correctly, this is often done mainly related to the confirmation of customer order confirmation or negotiation with the customer, so that both parties benefit equally without any Who feel harmed.

3. Collaborate

The third goal in business communication is to collaborate, or business cooperation between someone with others, through the braid of business communication that one can easily do business cooperation, nowadays along with the rapid advancement of communication technology then one can use various telecommunications media such as telephone , Facsimile, cell phone, internet e-mail, teleconference. Communication technology is very important in the business cooperation.

4. Conclusion

Business communication is the process of exchanging messages or information to achieve the effectiveness and efficiency of work products within the structure and system of the organization. In business communication activities, the message should not only be informative but also must be persuasive, so that the other party is willing to accept an understanding or belief or perform an act or activity.

In this era of globalization, the challenges of a manager in the future will be relatively more difficult, because the business world faces a competitive environment that tends to be more turbulent. Managers need to equip themselves with Cross cultural skills, in the form of interaction skills with different cultures, management styles or business of other nations, as well as teamwork, both internally and in strategic alliances with business partners. Here the role of business communication becomes increasingly very important, namely the ability to read, interpret reports and information from the environment. Besides conveying ideas, both oral and written systematically.…

Home appliances business

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Today many people are looking for business opportunities that promise its benefits. I advise you to open a household appliance business, in addition to providing great benefits, household furniture is also one of the many needs products and is always in the search community as a tool to work on various activities of everyday home activities. Still thinking to start this business? Before you start this business, you better know some things in the household business. Here I give some things to consider in the business of household appliances.


The target market for starting home appliances businesses is mothers, and new families who are in dire need of home appliances to run their daily family activities. To do homework, this equipment is very easy for housewives. Such as washing, cooking, sweeping, mopping, and so forth. The equipment has an important role in homework although it is very simple.
Product Info

If we look closely, the increasing consumer demand for home appliances becomes an excellent opportunity to start a household appliance venture. Goods or equipment that can be sold include plates, spoons, glasses, brooms, wipers, brushes, buckets, waste baskets, duster, soap, spoon and so on.

Marketing of home appliances business

Usually these products are marketed by opening a store or kiosk that directly install the product so it can help the marketing of household appliances business. So prospective customers know that you are opening a home appliance business. In addition to promotions, for the purchase of products in large quantities can also provide certain discounts and bonuses.

Location survey

Before determining what items will be sold, you should first survey the location in the sales area. Whether in the area are many food traders, offices, households, or campuses. You can multiply sell equipment that is needed by boarding students. If there are many food vendors around the location, you can sell bowl-plate equipment, glasses, pans etc.

To determine the selling price in your store, finding a supply of this item is very important. Try to find a quality supplier but cheap or can go directly to the factory or maker household products. Service. Provide employees who are principled to help buyers who are agile and deft employees. You should train your employees to understand the function and usefulness of your products. To wrap the glassware before entering the plastic bag provide newspaper. You can provide inter-service delivery for large or large product purchases.



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Branding is a way to introduce to someone about the identity of a particular object. If we are currently talking about products, then branding is a way to introduce products to consumers. Packaging or packaging is closely related to the branding itself. If you currently have a product but do not yet have a design for your product packaging, it is time to start creating a packaging design for your product.

Packaging a product is one element that affects the number of sales or interest consumers of the product. If this is true, have you now created packaging for your product? For the already, maybe some are still many who are not sure and wonder if their product packaging design is attractive

Most entrepreneurs out there think that the quality of a product and the way of marketing is much more important to increase sales, rather than focus on product packaging. Though some elements that affect the sale of products such as product quality, service, marketing, and packaging also support each other. So, not necessarily also if the product with good quality will be a lot of devotees, except when the consumer really needs it. Packaging a product is what you may need to think about as part of your marketing strategy. Below are some things related to a product packaging, such as functions, benefits, and marketing strategies.


The main purpose or function of the product packaging is, to protect the product from scratches or defects in products that make the product damaged. In addition, packaging products not only functioned during the process of distributing goods from the factory to several distributors, but packaging products can also protect the product when in retail stores.


Generally many companies do a research beforehand about the color scheme, design, and type on a product packaging that will be marketed. This is done so that the level of product marketing is much wider. If you want products that you sell a lot of devotees, then you can prepare the right packaging design for your product. Because as has been said before, one that makes the product can be sold is packaging products that can be an attraction for customers.


A product packaging also plays an important role in providing product information such as, benefits, usability, tagline, and how to manufacture. Everything can be put on the packaging design so that consumers know about the benefits of the product, most importantly do not deliver everything until the design becomes full and even make consumers become saturated see it.

Supports Shopping decisions

You as the owner of the free product include any information that will affect consumers to make a decision to buy your product. But do not be too exaggerated in delivering all the information you have.


Packaging can also be used as an identity for a product, for example there are some products A and B are neatly arranged in a store, the product is the same function, the taste can be said almost the same, but because the packaging is different may be consumers will be more likely to choose products that have Attractive packaging according to him.



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Forex (foreign exchange) or better known as commercial affairs matawang is a type of trade or transactionto trade the eyes of a country against the eyes of the States involving major world markets for 24 hours continuously. The movement of the forex market stems from the new Zealand & Australia market which, continue to the Asian markets japan  and Hongkong, to the European market that is Germany to the american market. In the development of its history, central banks belong to countries with foreign foreign currency reserves even the largest can be defeated by the free forex market forces.

Forex has also become the most popular alternative for return on investment as well as the profit that will in jana exceed the average other trades in general (usually the average return is more from 5% – 10% per month, may even reach more than 100% per month for professional traders). Due to such rapid movement, then forex also has a high risk if you do not have sufficient knowledge as well good financial management.

Forex function

In the process, forex has several major functions that are very influential to the perpetrators. The function of forex is divided into 3 as follows:

    1. The first function is to simplify the process of currency exchange. As we know, in the daily economic activities of human beings sometimes require funds in the form of currency of other countries. Whether it’s used in business, travel, shopping or storage.The currency exchange can be done with a system called clearing. Well one of the functions of the forex itself is to provide such services. For simplicity, examples of such services are foreign exchange services that you usually meet in various places, ranging from banks to exchange of money in various places.
    2. The second function is to do hedging. Hedging in Indonesian is also called hedging. This is an act that is usually done by a forex trader as a “guarantee” that the value of investment funds is not reduced or loss when he sells forex in 2 different markets. In this case also play the banks, both domestic banks and foreign banks as us as guarantor funds.
    3. The third function is to do the arbitration. Arbitration is basically the difference in interest rates of 2 different currencies. And arbitration is an act done to benefit from the difference in the currency itself. This is simply done by buying a currency that is low in value in a country, and selling the currency in a country where the currency is high.


Factors that influence business

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there are several factors that encourage all countries in the world to do foreign trade. The driving factors consist of the following. The goods that a country can produce depends on its natural resources. This resource difference also depends on the conditions of the region in the country.

  1. Technology technology

    each country has different technology, so the goods it produces are also different. These differences are what encourage the exchange of goods between countries. These technological differences allow a country to study more modern production techniques and import more modern machines or tools to realize better techniques and production methods.

  2.  production cost savings

    international trade allows a country to produce goods in large quantities so that the cost of production becomes low.

  3. Difference of taste

    every country in producing goods, possibly have in common. Nevertheless every country has different tastes. This is what drives interstate commerce.

  4. Each country can conduct production specialization

    international trade can encourage each country to specialize production by utilizing resources nature, labor, capital, and expertise to the full

  5. Benefits international trade

    international trade is an important activity in every country. There is no one country in the world that does not trade internationally. Those who do international trade, of course, feel the benefits. Here are some benefits of international trade.

  6. Improving international friendship relations

    the existence of interstate commerce, can realize relationships among countries that trade. This relationship if well established can enhance friendly relations among the countries. They can be more familiar and help each other when experiencing difficulty in meeting the needs

  7. Different foreign currencies

    in general the currency of each country is different. This difference can hamper interstate commerce. A country that does export activities, usually asks the importing country to pay by using the country’s currencyexporter

  8. Low quality resource

    the low quality of labor can hamper international trade. Why? Because if the human resources are low,then the quality of the production will be low as well. A country that has a low quality of goods, will be difficult to compete with goods produced by other countries with better quality.


Decision making in business ethics

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Before outlining business ethics, a decisions review is made first, decision-making is the primary function of a leader or manager within the organization. The leader’s success in making and defining a decision depends on the data and information provided to it. To make a decision must include identifying the problem, finding alternatives to problem solving, evaluating the alternatives and choosing the best decision alternative. A leader or manager in decision-making needs to understand and control the theory and practice and objective data.

The nature of decision making

the complexity of decision-making is in need of all disciplines from various fields, therefore a leader or manager must be careful and carefully and analyze what the impact of the decision making made in the back of the day does not happen damages that result in harm to many parties or setback a company.

The importance of decision-making

decision making has significance for the advancement of an organization, especially since the future of an organization is determined by the present decision making. Because the decision taken by the leadership is the final thought that must be done by subordinates or those concerned with the organization that he leads.

Decision making process

the top managers need to understand and have the skills, in carrying out the decision-making process or policy making that allows the principle of unity of the command is realized. In an organization of decision-making and / or policies established by the chairman or head of the unit or work unit of his subordinates, should be perceived as a joint decision and directed to the interests of the organization, not for the benefit of certain groups or individuals only.

Business ethics decision making

the above description illustrates the importance of ethics in business or business the impact of not paying attention to ethics in the business of the occurrence of damage resulting in a monetary and economic crisis and further a crisis of confidence in the business world.

For that in the application of ethics in the business world is very important how the world business makes a responsible decision both internal and external. This is because not all decisions in the view of the economic dimension alone but must also be viewed from the socio-cultural, political and security dimension of a state. For that a business decision must be very closely related to the values ​​or norms that deserve and in the life of a community or nation. Business ethics are; a moral and virtuous act in a business process that promotes a viable business output to meet and meet the needs of a quality and useful consumer.


Factors Affecting the Supply of Goods

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The offer is the total amount of goods that are willing to be offered at certain price levels and at certain times. If the price goes up, the amount of goods on offer increases. Likewise, when prices fall, the amount of goods offered also decreases or decreases Like buyers, does the seller also take into account only the price factor in preparing the bid list? Of course not. In fact, many factors influence the seller’s offerings. But when formulating an offer, simply by connecting the price and quantity of goods and services offered. Factors other than the price are considered unchanged, however the things that affect the supply of goods include:

Technology advances

Technological advances can alter input combinations and the type of input required in the production process. Improved technology always means that the number of required inputs is less or the cost of the required inputs is reduced. If production costs are lower, manufacturers are encouraged to increase output. Therefore, an increase in production technology will push the demand curve to the right.

Production cost

Rising production costs also play an important role in influencing the supply of goods and services from producers. For example, increasing workers’ wages by increasing production costs. If the cost increase is very high, manufacturers tend to reduce production and thus lower the supply. Conversely, if one day the cost of raw materials for example decreases, producers can buy more raw materials to produce goods and services. Therefore, the offer increases.

Inventories of production facilities

Economic problems arise because of unequal production resources compared to what is needed. So it is with production. Production will be disrupted if the supply of production facilities is lacking. Supply of rice in certain areas tends to decline as many agricultural lands are converted into industrial areas.

Increased number of producers

If sales of a product are profitable, then this will encourage new investors to enter the business. For example, if citrus farmers are considered to be profitable, many others are turning the profession into citrus farmers. With the addition of these new producers, citrus offers will increase. The supply curve shifts to the right.

Natural events

Nature for human life does not always provide benefits, but it can also bring harm. In the event of natural disasters such as floods or prolonged drought, the yield of rice is reduced drastically. Events like this will reduce the supply of goods. Expectations or expectations of producers. Like consumers, producers also have expectations or expectations of future situations. If producers estimate that the next year’s economic situation will improve, then at this time they will produce more goods and services for sale. Conversely, if they predict that the economic situation will deteriorate in the future, they are less likely to increase production.

Prices of other goods and services

The prices of other goods and services are complementary and some are substitutes. If the price of PC computers increases, then the supply of PC computers is also increasing. This will further encourage manufacturers to increase the supply of mice, printers, computer desks, or various items that complement the computer. Therefore, as computer prices increase, the offer of mice, printers, and computer desks increases, even though the price of these items has not changed. This further causes the supply curve to shift to the right.…