Many business candidates who fail to open a business just because thinking to start a business that requires large capital. Yet not all businesses have to start with big capital. There are many businesses with small capital can be successful as long as done seriously. Here are some examples of businesses without large capital that can be done by anyone who wants to earn extra income, either online or offline.

1. Being a Seller of Other People’s Products (reseller or dropship)

The advantage of being a reseller, we do not bother in making a product that we will sell. We just need to focus on the process of marketing and sales of other people’s products, of course we have to make sure that the product we will sell it is good. One example resellers in offline business such as selling cakes made by others. For online business of course the opportunity to become a reseller or dropship very much we find.

But to be able to run a reseller and dropship business, we must have a website or blog that we will use as “storefront” or where the display of goods we sell earlier. Website or blog can be made with free services such as Blogger or WordPress.
But to make it look more professional, it helps us to create a website or blog with its own domain name, this is not free but the capital needed to buy a domain is very small compared with renting a place to sell. It was back on our own choice.

2. Becoming A Freelance Writer

The profession of being a freelance writer is one example of a business without large capital that can be done from home online. Become a freelance writer on one website that has a topic about business. In running this profession, it only requires an internet connection and a laptop. Every month the owner of the website always sends a payment for the writing made, the value is not large but quite as extra money.

3. Selling Services

Business service providers can actually be done with no large capital, but in most cases, businesses providing services usually require a lot of material capital. One example of a small capital business by providing services to an online business is to provide an article writer service, providing SEO services (search engine optimization)

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a business with no capital at all, I would rather agree to be called a business with little capital. When we explore business opportunities around us, in fact we can find some business without big capital that we can run. By learning constantly and always trying to explore the potential of business around us, surely we will be able to build a successful business.

5. Become A Broker / Agent

If you are a person who has good marketing skills, then you can try to become a broker or agent. An example is to be a real estate agent. The advantages of selling property can be from two parties, ie from property owners and also from property buyers.

The property owner will usually tip the person who helped him sell his property, while the happy buyer will usually give tips to the person who provided the information and help him find the property he was looking for.…


Applying for a job is not just the contents of a job application letter and then wait patiently until the call. Some people underestimate the process when searching and receiving calls. Take off, send a job application letter can be something difficult, and lucky if there is a reply and a work call from the proposed company. Therefore you should be able to be professional when there is a job interview to make a good impression as well. Things should be avoided by jobs employment:

1. Selecting photos that are not good for profile and CV

Choose a profile photo that shows your face clearly, photos that not only show themselves and show others, otherwise choose a formal photo like wearing a shirt, avoid examples of photos being wide and being picnic.

2. Delay message messages and email interview calls

Avoid repeated email or messages for several days after receiving messages from the company’s HRD. This shows you can not work immediately when asked about the job right away.

3. Using a wrong resume and spelling, or bad formatting

If you are not a reliable writer, of course there is no mistake in this application letter. But if it is difficult, ask someone to edit the resume you have made before sending it to the company you are applying for. Did not come during the interview

4. Not coming during a job interview without

Everyone has never forgotten, but do not let you with a mistake when there is a job interview call for reasons of forgetting the time. To avoid forgetting, use the calendar and reminder apps on HP for your time purpose.

5. diploma job interview without doing research first

To avoid mistakes and reduce things that are not familiar with the questions during the interview, there is a gun to practice before making an interview call.

6. Declare the salary requirements in front of the interviewer during the recruitment process

If you believe you are unsure of the company’s question about your desired salary target, it is better to answer first the added value and change it in the near future.

7. Asking basic questions like “What will the company do for you?”

In a job interview, it’s a good idea to do a survey on the company you’re applying for before the interview and you’ll know more about the company and feel more confident as well.

8. Receive a job offer, then disappear

If you do this, it is clear that you are a very unprofessional person. How is it possible that after accepting and approving the job offer and arriving in time, you are absent or disappeared. If you can not be present at the specified time, tell them early that you can not come for a reasonable reason at the time. For example a wife is giving birth or other rational reasons, so it will eliminate the impression of your lack of professionalism.…

Attractive Business Opportunities from Business Services Buy goods

The era of social media and the growth of mobile phones in the Indonesian society brings a fresh breeze for the growth of a fascinating side business, even without capital at all. The name of the business entitlement to buy more popular is called personal shopper. This is a new business that is growing with the splendor of social media.

Not just online stalls that have been transformed into an interesting industry in Indonesia in recent years. The existence of social media and gadget property can also be used to scavenge the profits as a personal shopper or personal shopper. How it works: You simply come to a particular mall or shopping center, photograph the items you want to show, then send them to a social media account.

That is the items that can be ordered by your follower for you to buy. They send money to you, then you buy the item and send it to the shipping address. Business services purchased entitled by a personal shopper fortunately. Moreover, pioneering the business as a personal shopper likes not to require significant capital. This business is a new business opportunity for the community to increase income.

Interested in it? Here are the important tips if you can start a business services buy or buy shopper personal:

1. Target market

Determine in advance your target market for the business of this purchase service. Is it special for the segment of children’s goods, furniture, branded goods or any merchandise? Determining your target market will affect how you will later market your services and engage your customers.

2. Marketing channels

Business services entrusted buy true enough pioneered through social media. First determine what social media is your main storefront. The service traders use Instagram as the main marketing channel by optimizing the use of hashtags or tags. Make sure you have a special Instagram account to sell. You can also add Facebook Fan Page and Twitter to support your service marketing.

3. Understand how the business entrusted to buy

Business services entrusted buy as a personal shop bother easy. You should formulate it to give buyers money to advance advance purchases. Be transparent about the rate of merchandise that you wear for each item.

4. Proactive looking for potential event

Although at the core of the services you enter is to buy goods desired by consumers. You do not have to be open to order orders. You must be diligent to go to the goods sale event in accordance with the market segment that you shoot so that consumers can have the opportunity of goods at a cheaper price. For example, if your segment is a mother and a child, be diligent in coming to a large sales segment of children that often takes place in the shopping center.

5. Give more services

In order for consumers to be loyal customers, you must goods that you offer are qualified and worth to buy. This will be an option for you.


Tips on starting an online business

With the continuous development of modern technology today seems to be widely used by some netter to seek side business opportunities through the internet network. But to start a business like this of course takes careful and hard work, especially if you are still a newbi who wants to try to learn to start and deepen online business. If you really are still learning and still very layman about business via the internet I suggest to follow a free online business only, and do not rush to try business by using the investment plan or spend capital to become a member on the online business site you want Follow.

 Given the many frauds on the internet such as a bunch of investments that usually offer enormous and lucrative commissions, which promise a doubling of profits for invested money when the promises are mere nonsense and no accountability. For beginners of course with the lure of a large profit will certainly make a fool and without thinking we will immediately invest some money on the online business site.

For those of you still just starting, the steps below can be a reference to prepare an online business:

Customer service capability and friendly

Without direct interaction and communication with buyers, this consumer service is at the forefront of your sales. If you use a lot of social media for interaction or buy-sell service, make sure you or your team understand all about the product. In addition, friendliness, flexibility, and also the style of language also needs to be considered. Do not let prospective buyers run away just because you serve too fierce.


What business is harvesting profits this year? Healthy food business, travel photography, or shuttle service? If you start in one of the fields, make sure consistency is in your product.

Do not let customers be confused with your product that is sometimes fickle and hard to remember. If you want to expand the product or business network, you may need another name or sister company to keep customers loyal and aware of your consistency.


The product has been tested, the team is compact, and strategy is mature. One of the things that should not be forgotten is the design to spoil the eyes of your customers.

Online selling capital is the ability to arrange displays that will fight with other images in cyberspace. Tighten the target and make the design as focused as possible to your target market. Also make sure to update your design view every few months to avoid monotony.

Customer loyalty

Customers have reached the target does not mean there is nothing else a business owner can do. Make sure you keep consumers from moving to another heart or stop making a purchase.

Give appreciation to your regular customers with a certain discount  to make them feel special. It does not need to be big, but even the smallest attention will be remembered by them.

Keep up with the bazaar

Monthly sales target has been reached, do you still need to open a booth at bazaar events? The rise of bazaar events is not just about sales, but also the existence plus the branding of your product.

By appearing occasionally in the bazaar makes potential buyers feel more confident with your existence as an online store. Can also promote by giving a special price or release the latest collection in an event like this. In addition to capturing new customers, old customers can also be made curious!

Open offline store

Years of success with online systems, you may be tempted to have a store physically. Before proceeding further, predict your readiness. Success in the digital world sometimes not directly proportional to offline business.

Business maturity also needs to be considered. When starting an online business with millions of digital rivals, you now have to think twice about rivals and technical conventional sales.…

Tips Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur

Being a successful entrepreneur who can make a lot of money would be the dream of many people. However, the path that must be taken to become a successful entrepreneur is long and full of obstacles. It is not enough to be an employee. Many young people are now inspired and want to develop talents by opening a business.

Aside from being a forum for opportunities, new businesses provide new employment opportunities. Many successful young businessmen around the world. For example, Larry Page founder Google and Evan Spiegel inventor Snapcha. The question is, are you ready to go the way? Are you sure to plunge into a business world full of risk and intrigue? If you are absolutely sure, here we present how to be a successful entrepreneur at a young age:

Spiritual Spirit

As a young child of course the spirit spirit must exist within us. Fertilize the spirit before you actually run a business. The spirit spirit becomes one of the important factors in doing a business. If we continue the spirit, then the opportunities in a business will be greater. You will be a person who is always not afraid to fall and will rise again if a failure in the middle of the road. Perform Activities that Have Large Impacts

Focus on matters that are very business-related. If you really want to succeed with your business, then do things that have a big impact positively on the progress of your business. Forget all the things that only relate to your goodness. If your business has advanced, then you can improve yourself by itself.

Let go of the Youth

Youth is a very difficult time to forget. An impossible period of time and a time to seek identity. Therefore do not waste your youth just by playing and spree. Build relationships and find great opportunities that can be used as money coffers. That way you can show that your youth is a time of good quality and pride.
Dare to Deal with Risk

Every effort that we do there must be up and down. Make sure you are ready to face failure and always dare to take risks from every decision made. Never be afraid to learn from your failures. The thing to remember is, because you’ve had a failure before, it’s a great lesson. You can see the flaws of your business, and you certainly will not repeat the same mistakes.

Make Hobby As A Business

Hobby is something that becomes a favorite so we do repeatedly. If the hobby we have can bring in money, why not make it as a fun business? If we open a business that begins with a hobby, it allows us to increase the spirits, because we do two things we like simultaneously the hobby and business. If you follow the community of hobbies that are occupied, then for starters you do not have to bother busy to find the target market and promote it. You can use friends who have the same hobby.

Innovation follows the times

A business must have innovation. Even if you already have a target consumer, but you must be smart to see opportunities to make business more advanced. Therefore, it is smart to see opportunities in every age. The rapid development of the era, especially in the field of technology, requires you to continue to meet the curiosity and consumers who always look forward to what new ideas will be poured in your business. This is very important if your target market is young and teenagers, because the target market is very easily influenced by new things that arise.
Stay focus

Stay focus

Focus on the business that is lived and developed will help you to be able to make business progress by leaps and bounds. Many business people are quickly satisfied, so if one business is considered good enough, it will open a new business again. This is not good because it will make your mind divisive so it does not focus to advance it. Be careful, because it will make your business a mess.

Designing Well Businesses

 A businessman who has a tenacious nature is certainly a visionary person. He has designed well the future of his business and hung his ideals well and realistically. By having a plan and ideals, it will encourage you to withstand all obstacles and obstacles. Many businesses are ‘lost before the fight’ because they are afraid when they see signs of failure.

Want to Work Hard

Because it has given up your youth, then do not waste it. Use all the energy you have to prove that this business can run as well as possible. Like saving, then take your energy for business. Undoubtedly the success of the business you build will be earned in the …

The main tips of the Dream Ability work

Want a Successful Career? 3 Things You Should Do During Internships. Do not play games select apprentices. You see, the apprenticeship is to determine the future. Working internship You are currently still a student. Many benefits you can receive while working internship. One of the main benefits of internship, can give you work experience.

Especially in this era, many recruiters are looking for employees who have experienced before, even though only graduated from school. You can also gain deeper experience in one field or industry during an internship. Working internships help foster self-confidence, build a network or allow you to be hired as an on-site employee.

Here are the topics that will help you with your internship job:

Understand Yourself

Assume this is your first apprentice job search. The first thing you should do is really some things. Ask yourself these questions;
-What do I really want from this internship job and which organization will I work for?
– What kind of work or industry do I enter?
– What do I want / need to learn from this internship? (You should really think about the reason why you want an internship and what you want from the job).
If you can find answers to these questions, then this will narrow down the choices of companies you want to enter.

Look to All Directions

You can not honestly predict where and when a gold pot may be. Use every possible source to find the exact intern job you are looking for. Try Communicating with College in college. Or try to ask college friends, where they do internships. Use school alumni networks, take advantage of resources that parents and friends might have.Do not you alone on one job specification or one industry. Keep an open mind, especially to companies, locations, and industries.

3. Make your resume as good

One of the things you want to do before by actively seeking an internship job is a good resume. You have to make sure your resume is really the truth. This means there is no grammatical disturbance. In addition, to ensure your resume and application is not wrong, also must be confident with the information that the recruiters want to know like the experience you have in the field of internship. Make your resume short and concise. It should only be 2 pages long. If you’re having trouble tampering with it, cut out the least important things.

Send Application More Early

The company’s ideals have a deadline for apprenticeship applications that are months before the apprenticeship begins. Missed apprenticeship deadline that you really want to be able to disrupt the situation and will close the opportunity even before you had the opportunity to apply for the job.

Give a good impression during the Interview

You can receive an interview and a resume that is definitely a prospective recruiter and it is time to show it. You will never get a second chance to make a first impression. You can do anything to impress the people who are interviewing you. This can be done through language, clothing and how to answer questions. When looking for an apprenticeship, remember there is never a word early to start thinking about a career, and there is experience going to help the world of work.…


To win this ‘battle’, before putting up an ad or offering it to a property agent to market, first prepare the condition of the house to be sold. Property market is sometimes difficult to read, such as when to sell a house. You do not know when the house will sell.

Many things that people usually do when they want to sell a house, make the house stay comfortable and warm is one of the main priorities in order to attract potential buyers. Technology also includes a key factor when selling a home. Some research suggests that prospective home buyers can ensure the home you want to buy with inserted technology, such as gadgets and the internet in order to connect more broadly.

As a seller, of course you also have to be friends with technology, this is to facilitate you for business buying and selling houses.
In addition, there are other common things that certainly need to be considered and considered for the home can attract potential buyers. The Herald page says, most people who plan to buy and own a house want to have their own garden. In addition, the kitchen and open space are things that also attract potential buyers. As for the location, a house close to the school is the most sought after.

However, research from one of the Go compare price comparison sites that surveyed more than 2,000 people wanting to buy a home suggests that buyers become more financially savvy and willing to compromise on better property details to save costs and avoid the maintenance of expensive properties in the future.

So how should you turn property at home into a must-have before selling it to the market? It takes things to make small changes that make your home feel warmer, fresher and more secure in order to have a positive effect on potential buyers. Here are some things you should have when you want to sell your house and property:

1. A park

2. Doors and windows are safe (trellis)

3. Access road or special parking area

4. Many electric sockets

5. Close to grocery store and supermarket

6. Internet connection and good TV wave broadcast

7. Close to the neighbor’s house (unobstructed high fence)

8. There are at least two toilets

9. Signal and telephone network or mobile phone is good

10. A garage

11. Living room is big enough for large flat screen television

12. A dining room.…